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Skolkovoprofit   Skolkovoprofit
Expires: 17-01-31
Position 2 - $16/Week

Freemoney   Freemoney
Expires: 17-01-31
Position 3 - $15.5/Week

TrustBitPay   TrustBitPay
Expires: 17-01-30
Position 4 - $15/Week

Btcearning   Btcearning
Expires: 17-01-31
Position 5 - $14.5/Week

Hourlyusd   Hourlyusd
Expires: 17-04-12
Position 6 - $14/Week

Maria-inv   Maria-inv
Expires: 17-02-08
Position 7 - $13.5/Week

HourBitcoin   HourBitcoin
Expires: 17-12-12
Position 8 - $13/Week

MostForex   MostForex
Expires: 2017-12-01
Position 9 - $12.5/Week

5deposit.com   5deposit.com
Expires: 17-12-01
Position 10 - $12/Week

PayForexMoney   PayForexMoney
Expires: 17-02-30
Position 11 - $11.5/Week

BtcKing   BtcKing
Expires: 17-12-31
Position 12 - $11/Week

HourPower   HourPower
Expires: 17-12-12
Position 13 - $10.5/Week

RabMoney   RabMoney
Expires: 17-101-28
Position 14 - $10/Week

Import4export   HourFast
Expires: 17-12-01
Position 15 - $9.5/Week

InstantCoin   InstantCoin
Expires: 17-12-12
Position 16 - $9/Week

DeriveMoney   DeriveMoney
Expires: 17-12-12
Position 17 - $8.5/Week

HourCoin   HourCoin
Expires: 17-01-25
Position 18 - $8/Week

UsdCash   UsdCash
Expires: 17-01-29
Position 19 - $7.5/Week

PerfectDeposit   PerfectDeposit
Expires: 17-02-22
Position 20 - $7/Week

Q-Trades accepting Bitcoin!
We are pleased to inform you that our project started accepting Bitcoin, successful earnings in our project!
Jan-18-2017 04:39:10 PM
Perfectmoney addede! (Gold Investment)
Perfectmoney now supported!
Dec-14-2016 01:10:15 PM
Our e-mail support fully back online!
We had problems with Yandex Mail for 24 hours, now the problem id solved.
All our e-wallets and yandex mail back online!
Sorry for little inconvenience.

В связи с временными проблемами с почтой на yandex некоторые наши кошельки и яндекс почта были недоступны.
На данный момент проблема полностью решена!
Приносим извинения за временные неудобства.

Best Regards and Good Luck in your business!

TopHyips team

Feel free to contact any time.
Oct-20-2016 06:58:27 PM
Dear investors and partners of Forex Paradise!

The time has come to announce the opening of the First International Forex Paradise Convention that will take place in Hong Kong from November, 7 to November, 14.

Convention programme includes seminars, workshops, film screening panels as well as various entertainment activities.

You can learn about the event details by clicking this link:


Keep in mind, that members who invested over 10,000.00 EUR/USD receive invitations for a free trip, housing, catering and other expenses during the convention.

Do not miss our current promotions:

BTC Debit Cards, order your card today, new batch of cards is waiting for you https://forexparadise.biz/home/promo/cards-release

Green Offer, +35% instant bonus deposit and new plans https://forexparadise.biz/home/promo/green
Green Offer
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Kind regards, Forex Paradise team.
Oct-7-2016 12:31:43 AM
BTCbank.io: New payment systems!
BTCbank.io: New payment systems!

Today we added new payment systems:
AsMoney (Auto deposit, manual withdrawal)
MultiWebPay - Fully instant and deposit and withdrawals.
Sep-13-2016 02:27:42 PM
BTCbank.io: Online chat support for our members!
BTCbank.io: Online chat support for our members!
We have a great news !
For your comfort we have launched an online support chat!
Sep-12-2016 05:23:20 PM
Dear users,

As promised rvc was not a currency now it is a currency listed on coinmarketcap.com and we are doing more to push it so other businesses can use it and take benefit of it, so don't hesitate and start mine today while it is still low difficulty. We have now moved onto phase two, This is a great start and success for revcoin.

We are growing stronger by the day and always keeping our promise that what ever is in the pipe line we will get it done!

The buy sell coins are now activated in the backend of your dashbaord and can be done using the processors stated, keep in mind the it might take up to 24 hours for the coins to show in your RVC Wallet.

Please note coinmarketcap updates have not yet been refelected and the stats might be different than the original price, the price of buying coin is on the https://rcexchanger.com and from what we see it is an rising trend on the price, our perdicted price in the next month or 2 around $0.40 minimum.

On other point of view revcoin is going stronger by the day and more and more users start to see the earnings potential, while we hit the 10,000 members milestone we want to thank everyone for the amazing support and dedication they shown for revcoin even though some people are not paid by us and do it as a volunteer.

Our facebook group can help you with any questions that you need to find answer to, so don't be shy and hop on! as there are alot of friendly people there.

In order to mine revcoins you need to download our new wallet updated version software from revcoin home page, and as our developers worked hard to fix a few issues on it so make sure you download the new version before we reach the #1000 block mined.

Best Regards
Carlo Trabattoni
Sep-6-2016 02:24:42 PM
Dear users,

The day has come to introduce our exchanger rcexchanger.com and the world of crypto currency along with revenue sharing, and you are a part of it!, a part of the change, a part of a system that want to change something and how people earn.
We tried to make it as easy as possible for everyone and if you are still not mining revcoins you should because their price Increased with more than 300% in the last days, we should appear on coinmarketcap soon and after that only the sky is the limit as everyone will join and notice us.
If you need help with mining don't forget to enter our facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/274696052922632/?ref=br_tf and ask for help, our friendly moderators and developers are there to help you all the way.

Our exchanger can only do revcoin to processors directly and currently there is only Perfect Money, Payeer, AdvCash & Bitcoin exchange. With time we will try to add more and more payment processors.

As a promise to everyone we also added the fixed banner feature that will also be donating to charity from the slot purchases, so you can do 2 things in the same time: Advertise your website to get referrals and help other people that need quality high conversion traffic.

I stated it in another message but i am saying it again as some people don't add their correct payment processor account details in their profile, as our payments are instant please add the correct payment processor account in order to avoid any delays to your payment or any other issues. Example perfectmoney ID U8392839 not u8392839 always capital U

Other than that thank you all for joining revcoin.org and supporting us all the way, even though a lot of people started false rumours online and tried to bring us down but they faile, but here we stay strong on our grounds and growing together.

For develoers we have uploaded code here and are working of diff improvements ect https://github.com/revcoin/revcoin

Best Regards,
Admin Carlo
Sep-2-2016 03:14:09 PM
Advanced Cash (AdvCash) has been added as an additional payment processor at Agilital
Advanced Cash (AdvCash) has been added as an additional payment processor at Agilital.

AdvCash is a payment solutions provider which offers you an affordable and secure way of transferring money and making payments online using the most popular currencies.

Funding is possible with Bitcoin, Swift, SEPA and Wire transfers. With AdvCash you can pay for purchases and services, perform international currency exchanges, pay in bulk and send money requests to those who are not Advcash customers. Plus you can order a plastic or virtual MasterCard.
Aug-31-2016 03:08:49 PM
Dear investors and partners!
We are proud to share with you great news: Forex Paradise Ltd. starts issuing Bitcoin debit cards. This allows you to transfer your profit to your plastic card, withdraw cash using any ATM and make payments for your purchases.

Forex Paradise issues 1000 debit cards. Cards will be given to first 1000 members who make deposits of certain size starting with August, 21 2016. Debit cards are issued and delivered to their owners for free after making new deposit of a certain amount. Read offer description here: https://forexparadise.biz/home/promo/cards-release
Do not miss your chance!
A brief overview of benefits of using our cards:
- Using online banking service you can transfer funds to other bank cards. Also some ATMs allow money transfers from your card to other cards.
- You will receive free SMS notifications regarding your transactions regardless of the place of your current stay.
- With Silver/Gold/Diamond/Royal card you can request an emission of additional cards for your family members or friends. You set limitations for operations performed using this card and you keep track of all expenses. All operations will be included into your statement of account and you will be notified about them via SMS.
- PayPass and payWave contactless payments available.
- You will get 1% refund for all your expenses back to your card balance. In other words, you will have a permanent 1% discount for all purchases and services.
- In addition, depending on type of purchase, you will receive the following reimbursements for paying for special offers:
- Up to 30% for purchasing air tickets and booking hotels.
- Up to 20% for paying checks in restaurants, entertainment centers, night clubs or shopping centers.
- Up to 10% for shopping online (eBay, Amazon, Google Play Market, AliExpress, onine games etc.)
- Up to 5% for making payments at filling stations.

Over the course of promotion, Forex Paradise website takes into consideration total amount of deposits by made the same investor during promotional offer.
If an investor makes few large deposits, he can request an issuing of a card of a superior type.
Read offer description here: https://forexparadise.biz/home/promo/cards-release

Also, do not forget about our 25% WEEKLY offer. It expires in 2 days, so you definitely shouldn't miss it too. Read description here: https://forexparadise.biz/home/promo/summer-offer
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Kind regards, Forex Paradise team.
Aug-26-2016 01:12:30 PM

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